Very Smart Scammer

I called him, and he went straight in, made me download a program like teamviewer, called GoToAssist and then he connected to my computer straight away. Went to system information and stuff. And then he asked me my name, age, how old this computer is and that my whole windows is corrupt. He took full control, so I just rebooted my computer, and exited his program(bottom right). He then got all silent rage mode and said, “you dont need my help, do you?” And then I just hang up. AT YOUR OWN RISK: here is the number: 020 3475 1454. Tried to get screenshot of page but I did reboot my computer and it was a glitchy page. Btw it said that my facebook login will be taken and stuff like that.

Welcome to the site! Hopefully you didn’t let him control your real computer? If you haven’t done it already, you should use a Virtual program like Oracle VirtualBox. And look for videos on YouTube on how to set it up. Never let them have access to your real computer. Too risky.

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