Voip softphone

Guys I need help to connect lingphone with x-lite and if it’s not the right website which other website do you recommend to setup my x-lite Plzzz I beg you guys I want to kick some scammers

https://switch2voip.us/ This is the website I have used to buy a TRUNK, but you start off with $5 testing (but can pay with PayPal) and then you can go from there. There are a few places with free trunk access to PBX / XLite logins but that is the best one that I have seen so far.

Do you pay 5$ per month

It’s $5 for the first 600 mins; then you can do $10 for that amount of minutes. BUT you don’t have to give them ANY information and PayPal is a payment choice as well. All you need is your email and I forget like; one other thing.

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