Was I taken by this place?

I am wondering if this # is real or is it a scam 1-800-617-1418?

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I will check and get back to you when I can

It seems like a scam. I would remove the Tech Support Scam tag. They seem to be involved in a loan scam.

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it seems it immediately puts people on hold

They now say they’re a financial institution

freaked em out LOL asked a few my FB contacts to call them but business seems legit though.

Yes this seems to be a scam, the number is listed on http://www.acumensinc.com which the starter package literally says

  • 0 New Basic Page
  • 1 MySQL Database
  • 1GB Bandwdith < Yes they spelled this wrong not me LMFAO :rofl:
  • No Storage Space
  • Phone Support

And that’s all being for $149.99 so I don’t know how you can do web design and not provide even ONE page so I guess that $150 goes to the “database” they would create for you?

None of the social links on the site link anywhere, also I can’t find any association with them on the address linked on the site.

Also since this seems to not be a tech support scam I will be moving this to the “Other” category.

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