What priorities should scambaiters on youtube and twitch have?


I am not trying to put anyone down but there is a scambaiter on youtube and twitch who does a good job for the most part but they will hang up on him most the time before he shows how the scam works. I understand it is good to waste their time and I appreciate that but I also feel it is just as important to expose how the scam works so people will know. He starts off strong and he messes with them but in my opinion he should make sure the scam gets exposed. Am I being to picky about this? ScammersRevolt always is able to expose how the scam works but yet keep them on for a long time as well as keeping it funny. Sorry if this seems mean or judgmental but it has been bugging me because I want people to know how these scams work as well as see a scammers time wasted, so should that be a top priority as well as wasting their time?