What VPN do you all use for scambaiting?

I usually use mullvad with multihop or proton with secure core.

I normally use ProtonVPN :slight_smile:

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Proton VPN, its the most secure “free” VPN I think…


The only secure free VPN

Kitboga just recently got sponsored by them.

It’s a really fast VPN with a huge network, but I’m a little worried that something I say online might cause proton to get a a court order to snitch on where I am and who I am.

There’s lots of bad bills going around in a lot of different places, blatant attacks on free speech and privacy.

There’s always Tor too if you wanna be more anonymous.

Tor is slow though an average of 2 mbps up and down.

Mullvad got raided by the Swedish police, (they’re based in Sweden) but they were able to turn the police away on the grounds that they don’t have the data the authorities wanted and then they were able to have the search warrant thrown out…again, on the grounds that they don’t have the data the authorities wanted.

I wouldn’t bother with a VPN if you’re small time because scammers aren’t particularly motivated to get revenge on being baited. They are interested in money not doxxing you which costs them time.

If you have a million subs on YouTube and do what ScammerRevolts does posting pictures and names then I can see revenge being a factor.

Most scammers can barely read a script let alone operate a computer. Getting your IP address isn’t going to lead to anything unless they can get a law enforcement entity to contact your ISP which is fairly unlikely. Then what? Unless they have money to pursue legal action in your county forget it.

More likely is getting your identity though say YouTube.

They say that they are not saving logs but you cant really know if thats true…
if they are not actually saying the truth and saving logs you can be sure about that they are not selling them to anyone than the police so your Data is probably safe…

Always use a VPN when scambaiting.

Don’t listen to that guy.