When is the best times to call?

Hey, y’all……… I’ve spent the past hour or so trying to scam bait again, I’ve tried several different numbers, all of which were either not in service, or no one picked up. So, is there a best time of day to call the tech support scam call centers? Also, I wasn’t sure what category to put this post under, I hope I chose the correct one. Apologies in advance to ScammerRevolts if I didn’t.

Moving this to Scambait question, please make sure you choose the right category when you post.

@ScmmerRevolts No problem. Thanks, I’m still learning your forum which is really awesome, btw. LOL

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Try calling them Pakistan time (GMT +5:00) or India time (GMT +5:30) or Bangladesh time (GMT +6:00). Most of the scammers are around these regions and don’t really operate night shifts. So, around 1600hrs to 2100hrs (GMT +5:00 / +5:30 / +6) should be the right time.

@textburger Cool, I appreciate that.