Windows Defender 877-882-6824

Scammer number:877-882-6824
Popup link:
Any other scammer information:

They have really bad phones or something. After a short exchange, the call goes on hold. After a while a different scammer picks up the call and the same pattern repeats. Been talking to different people for about an hour, all on the same call.

One strange thing, they answer as several different companies: Microsoft, Amazon, Paypal or just plain “Support”

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Scammers always answer like “My name is James Watson with customer support. How can I help you?” They seem to hate saying the name of the company. I guess it works for them but no real company would have someone answer the phone, give their full name, but not say the name of who they represent.

By the way, I’ve been on hold with them for over an hour. It costs a bit of money to keep someone on hold for an actual toll free number.

Might be dead, just rings and hangs up