Windows Firewall refund scam - (321) 273-5968

Fake website:

Number: (321) 273-5968

This call is from your firewall security support team as your computer service subscriptions like firewall security of Windows O.S.'s etc is auto renewed for a charge of $299.00 from your bank account in case you do not want the auto renewal please call us immediately on our helpline number 132-127-3596 extension 8 I repeat the number to call is 132-127-3596 extension 8 This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.

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@aoldesktopgold Thanks for the post scammer!

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New Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi, India



the biggest irony is that aoldesktopgold’s site is completely harmless; there’s no phone number, the download procedures are copypasted from the official site with no modifications whatsoever, the only working download link within takes you to the genuine site (and most other links only serve to effectively refresh the page)

I honestly never thought that a scammer would be so lazy to the point of complete harmlessness