Windows refund scammers - (800) 484-4119

They use teamviewer sometimes

Number: (800) 484-4119

Msg they leave:
Simmer this call is from your Microsoft support team as your computer service sub Christian will be auto renewed there will be an auto deduction $299.00 from your bank account in case you don’t want to get charges please call us to cancel your subscription our toll free number is 180-484-4119 I repeat the number to call is 180-484-4119 This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.

I am on the phone with them now they are active. Let’s see what they do. He wants me to open up google and told me to go to this website with does not work he phone was so choppy that I could not hear him and he starting yelling and I was like dude I can hear u and then I told him the site was not working which is true and then he told me to hang up the call.