Windows Syskey

If a hacker syskeys your computer, Do you have any recommendations on how you can get by the syskey. I saw a couple things to go through in the regeditm but when I tried them and rebooted the computer, there must have been a batch file that put the syskey back on the login. Please inquire. Thanks

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For my scambaiting machine I have removed syskey on purpose so they can’t syskey, some scammers install a third party to act like syskey. If your using a virtual machine for scambaiting. Always remove a few files first. look online on how to do it.

before you go to bed every night, create a restore point

Passcape’s Reset Windows Password can reveal/remove Syskey passwords.
Scammers usually use something simple like 1234, etc. Best to remove Syskey and replace it with something else, like a JPG that gives them the finger :wink:

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first answer is what can be usefull :

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restore your pc and reboot it that should get around the syskey.

How about Bitlocker?