"You have been kicked from this conference"

I guess I could have made this into a question, because I’m curious if anyone knows what the occasional “whoosh” is that I hear after the “senior superwisor” (the second dweeb asking me some of the same questions) hands the call over to the American licensed insurance agent who is supposedly going to find me a bunch of new Medeecare benefits. Sometimes when I hear that “whoosh” (only way I can describe it; it’s different from the “bloop” when a scammer answers a call), I think the call is about to end, but sometimes it doesn’t.
I suspect that the “senior superwisor” stays on the call silently after the American begins their spiel, because if I ask the American agent too many questions, the call cuts off. Today I was asking one agent what her company’s website was, and the last Indian guy I talked to broke in and blurted “Why you need website, Mr. Ralph? Go to hell!” He told me to go to hell again, and cut off the call. I hope he was on long enough to hear the few choice words in Hindi that I said to him. I hope the American heard it, too. The robocallers aren’t the only ones “on a recorded line,” but I don’t usually tell them I’m recording the call, too.
On another of the three spam calls I received today, I askeded the American agent for a number for her company, but she only got as far as “855” before the call ended. I think that was one of the ones lately that has a female voice saying “You have been kicked from this conference.” I just laugh.
So I’ve already got recordings of some of the Americans saying they work for a certain company, and I think (hope) I’ve got recordings of someone at those companies saying [agent’s name] does work for them. I’m looking for an attorney near me who has experience in TCPA cases. (For now, I’ll just say that you’ve probably seen ads on TV for one of those companies.)
Most of the six calling numbers yesterday, and all three so far today were spoofed, or are answered robotically, with the usual “Minute Waltz” music-on-hold and a couple of “Your call is important to us, so stay on the line” before the call automagically goes away.
This crap keeps my retired life interesting.