8555597512 Still working

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I have been calling this number continuously. They are pissed. I have been trying to strike up a conversation with some of them. They are speaking in Bengali. So basically they are from West Bengal. My google voice number showed up to them as if the call is from Australia. After lot of persuasion, one girl told me that she gets payed 15000 Rs per month. I can still hear in the back ground that they are scamming people.

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I got toll free forwarding.com the number has been disabled.

Hello! Please don’t reply to dead numbers as it spams the forum. Flag the post instead so staff can move it.

@melvinwi1985 @ScammerRevolts Despite what it may seem like, the number isn’t dead, it just does that every once in a while. I assume its when the day is over for them or something. The number still works, and they’re still pissy! Just talked to one of them and they got really pissy really fast!