Computer security renewal scam - (833) 566-0262

Number: (833) 566-0262

This call is regarding the renewal of Microsoft Windows Defender security on your computer the reason we are calling on you because today is a renewal date for your security subscription and your account will be charged 290 $9.99 and next 3 hours for the renewal so if you want to cancel the subscription call us 183-356-6026 extension 2 again 183-356-6026 extension 2.

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Did you flood the number? I called it and it instantly hung up.

Nope, number still worked for me.

Interesting. I was planning on messing with them. For me it keeps instantly hanging up. Does it have to do with the fact that I used *67 maybe?

maybe your calling software but also please don’t reply to posts saying the number is dead but flag - What to do with dead numbers!

Your using your real phone to call?

An old cell phone but yes

You should not do that as the scammer can find information about you, use a service like or

Thank you! I will look into those!

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