Dumb refund scammers - (800) 642-5616

Number: (800) 642-5616

This is an urgent call from your Microsoft accounts department your computer license security is going to expire soon and it will be oddly new charging $399.99 from your registered Visa or Master Card to cancel reach us at 1806425616 I repeat the number once again it’s 180-642-5616 thank you.

Websites(to damn many):


I am on the phone with the scammer now lets see what he does. Windows key and R. He wants me to go to https://www.msupport303.us/.us here is another one to add the list.

Lol he got connected to VM but didn’t do anything and hung up. So I am calling back. Lol I keep switching my password to make a new one.

Lol instant rage saying fuck u mother f lol. ha I am going to keep calling back.

Now I got another scammer so now he first brought me to event viewer and telling me all these are messing up my system lol which is normal with any windows computer just for anyone who does not know. Now lets see what he wants me to type in www.support909.com This website is also linked to TeamViewer. So I am going to give my id and switch my password around. So I gave this scammer my id and he had no idea how to fix a Mac so he had to look things up so he told me to go into system preferences and click the lock button this guy was getting so like OMG how can you not see the lock I was like I don’t see it lol and I wasted about 10 mins pretending to find the lock then he wanted me to put in my password and I was like hmm I dont remember. But yeah this guy ragged so hard and he did admit to being a scammer.

Called 1-800-642-5616, same old “We are Microsoft and your internet security is expiring, would you like to cancel or renew for $399”. Lets see what they want to do…

Was directed to go to Support909[dot]com and it attempted to download TeamViewer.

When the scammer couldn’t connect to me with wrong passwords he had his “Senior Technician” “Richard Williams” call me from 509-207-4166.

When he couldn’t connect with the wrong passwords again, he refused that there was anything he could do and had to call his IT department to fix the TeamViewer password and would call me back tomorrow from 509-588-7320.

Still waiting on that call, I think his IT department couldn’t help him, oh so sad! :wink:

Hi all what these scammers don’t know is that the phone lines are being checked by British telecom who own over 90% of phone lines in India and that’s including their Internet.


I called them again and hung up and repeated this a few times, and got call backs from different numbers.

You will speak to senior technician John Wilson and they try to direct you to www.microsofthelp.us which has redirect links to the Support909 links for software. Try to use Team Viewer and you may be able to connect to him. Generic passwords 123456 or 654321.

You get to speak to the floor supervisor Alan Parker who tried to redirect me to the Support909 sites. I gave them fake passwords for Team Viewer and after 15 mins he started screaming the typical Hindi swears.

+1-488-218-0738 FAKE NUMBER
This number showed as the caller id but i was unable to return the call. It was the same as all the others “This is Jackson from Microsoft, we missed a call from you an hour ago”, it was really three mins ago but I guess scammers can’t tell time. After giving me the typical few questions he started rage screaming and swearing.

These guys are the best to scambait!

New number again!

This seems to be their main inside call center number. Flood away!

Dang! They ruined my VM so I had to restart it.

On the phone with them right now, call got disconnected and he called back on the number

1 (206)-395-3550

Had this guy on the phone for about 40 minutes and he still has no idea.

Update to microsofthelp.us , through some web work, I received some real registrant info.

Admin Name: Hi Techsoft Consultancy
Admin Organization: HI-Techsoft
Admin Street: 1438
Admin City: chandigarh
Admin State/Province: Chandigarh
Admin Postal Code: 160064
Admin Country: IN
Admin Phone: +91.9888888565
Admin Email: [email protected]

Go to work guys! :wink:

This is great XD finally putting my bachelors in cybersecurity and computer science to use!
Time to start up the vm’s and robocalls!

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Called 206-395-3550
Seems the office must be full today because they are working so hard out on the street lol.

IVR Prompt (Press [RANDOM] number to connect) -> Street Sounds mp3

OMG Disturbance in the line


active ^^^^ 206-395-3550

Yeah, finally managed to get some action. Will update soon.

Well boys managed to raise hell i figured out one guys name and I ask for him over and over claiming to be his doctor or his wife hell even his husband! He yells at me claiming he’s not a homosexual or a gay but I beg to differ. Keep raising hell i haven’t done this in so long but I remember how Scammers make my blood boil.

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Well, whats his name? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well I called on 206-395-3550 and wasted a whole teams time for over an hour and got another phone number to add to the list which they called me back from. At the end they called me a “very tricky tricky scammer” and swore at me for 30 seconds before I read out their address and they hung up immediately!

New number 509-320-4003

Also they are still using www.support909.com for victims to download TeamViewer from. Don’t use that version though as it seems embedded with malware which circumvents the need for a password from their ID.

They are very active. I think around 5-10 active scammer calls.
See attached audio recording


Scammers at work

I was on the phone during there lunch break or something sounds like there are 6 people

Lmao, he was saying how he was going to fuck my mom.