Funny windows refund scammers - (866) 757-2045


These guys start saying some weird shit when they get mad lmfao

Number: (866) 757-2045

Fake support site:

Msg they leave:
Ms KATHY JACKSON I am calling you from Microsoft refund department and please do not hang up you have paid for your computer technical support few months ago we are calling to refund your money as the company has been ordered to close down please call us on our toll free number 186-675-7204 extension 5 repeating again 186-675-7204 extension 5 thank you.


who keeps making the scammer scream “phone number”? lol I keep hearing it in the background of the calls

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The message is same as in this one


One of the scammers is called “Ashish”. Second one is called “Happy”. Their new domain is .

I have been playing fart noises to them and now they hate me lmao.

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Its been busy and busy lol