Weird microsoft refund scammers - 877-874-3172

He told me to go to a porn site LMAO

Number: (877) 874-3172

I name is Kathy Jackson I am calling you’ve been Microsoft’s refund Department please do not hang up you have paid for your computer technical support a few months ago we are calling to refund your money the company has been ordered to close down please call us on toll free 188-840-6036 extension 2 read. Then 188-406-0362 thank you.

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I’m on call with him rn. He’s burping randomly and it’s so disgusting it’s giving me chills.

Edit: After around 1.5 hours of fuck up. He thinks I am going to the wallmart to buy google play giftcards worth 500$. The “refund” scam turned into a technical support scam in no time. He offered me 2 year subscription for 400$. When I mentioned my refund, he changed the topic. Btw his ‘personal’ number +19152485793. Time to wash my dishes and then continue the bait.

Almost had the fucker. He cut the computer power before i could apply syskey changes.


Lmao you were on a call with him? I messaged and he said he was on call with “another customer”. I will try to delete his files at least. Got my TV ready wish me luck.

Yes I was connected but I have to mask my voice this time because I’m out of accents lmao. A Kali voice changer would be perfect right about now.

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He said he will call me in an hour on text. Don’t call him back yet let me have some fun too!

are they still going? probably going to try to metasploit to a payload through file transfer. total control feels good lmao.

Use my fake number he/she didn’t call so I hung up
Idk about the toll free number but I can’t call them sadly (EDIT)

Right now, yes he’s still on. He just messaged me to call but I am trying to force him to teamviewr with me. I really really need to delete his files and syskey him.

Just called them up again and had one of them call me the n word lmao, here is one of their text now numbers - (503) 673-8849

Hold up did they have the n word pass

If they didn’t THAT’S RASICT

I guess I should call them back. I really need to syskey him.

I called him. Played a while then he cuts. I called back and he starts blowing into the mic. I asked him if he’s getting f****d by a goat and he cuts the call. I’m gonna spam them more.

Me too

Wonder if one of then will say the n word to me

I whould say you don’t have an n word pass so you can’t say that it’s rasict

They finally got them

They said the usual beginning line and I said hello and they said how may I help you or something and I said there’s a bunny in my office and they said tell me your name and I said there’s a bunny in my office whilst laughing oh did I forget I said he’s hopping in my office and then he said wht are you laughing and i said THIS IS A PRANK CALL and hung up
I’m gonna do it again now

Ok sorry to flood the forum but I called again
They did nothing and hung up
I said what the hell who is this cuz there’s a bunny in my office
That was creepy man

It is so damn fun spamming them lmao, one of them actually bought it and now I’m just flooding them.
I am spamming and talking to them in their own accent and reading their own script.

Please call them goats they’re triggered as hell.

UPDATE: I almost had his TV! I had him on phone for over 15 mins and almost had TV. Lmao they got so pissed when I gave them the wrong password and started crying and abusing. Fuck it’s fun.

Might call anscammer a goat this is gonna be funny as heck

Ok so I called them again and I said your a goat a lot of times the scammer didn’t hear me and one time I said do you have a ding dong in your mouth so they hung up
Was on the phone with them for 31 seconds

I DELETED HIS FILES FINALLY!!!. I played dumb while he was trying any desk and then finally he goes for TV and then he tells his scammerbuddy ‘hes playing around’ in Hindi and then he’s like ok I give my id. Desktop had some notepad files and boom deleted em!

Also, I can’t believe they bought my ‘lady’ voice. I genuinely don’t sound like a girl but they are really so damn dumb. I will call them again soon.

Anyways UNRELATED but I did your fake info th8ng playing around as an Aussie (AUSTRALIA DOEANT EXIST JK) anyways what should I do now other the mess around