Is a free vpn enough?

Hi, I am thinking of setting up a vm, to waste even more time. I have downloaded the free version of Windscribe VPN. Is it enough to keep me safe while baiting, or should I take some extra security measures?

As long as they can’t get your IP you should be safe, you can check if it’s working by going to WhatsMyIP. If you’re not already, use a VoIP too.

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do you run the vpn on the main computer or do you run it on the VM?

I read to run it on the host. makes sense.

yea wasnt sure and thought it better to ask before i start my daily rounds of fun :wink:


If you run the VPN on your VM they could disconnect you remotely and expose your IP where as if you run it on the host the IP carries over.

I posted an example ScamBait VM + VPN + Firewall example here.

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Do you know any good tutorials about how to set the iptables up, and link it to the vm network?

To be honest you are better using a GUI based firewall / router if you are not experienced in iptables, natting etc.

Something like ZeroShell -

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