SSA Scam 8662754152 (With personal number)

8662754152 ; spoke with an Officer Joseph Gangloff (badge UD256432). We all know the SSA Scam sript; Case ID# CK231462 ; Then spoke with DEA officer Kyle Williamson (badge US437409). -1hr. 10mis wasted

The second go around: Donald Jefferson (badge US7860) - personal number is 9152553494; and then was transferred to a very drunk/high woman DEA Officer Gale Stone (badge AR143-23). -A FUSTERATING (normally I don’t get fusterated; but this woman was slurring too much and it was nails on a chalkboard!) 1hr 35mins

-Happy Hunting

Number not in service :rofl::rofl:

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Thank GOD!! I spent like a MAJORITY of my time with these idiots :laughing: Thanks for checking up on it!!

Here is what do do with dead numbers - What to do with dead numbers!