TSU update - new logo and patreon!

Hello everyone! Got another update on some changes on TSU!

I wanna start by saying if you haven’t read the last update on TSU you might want too, it gives some more information on forum changes and why it was offline - An update on TSU and where it stands

  • New Logo

the site now has a new and refreshed logo!

I wanted to bring in some new looks to the forum after being offline for so long and I think this really will help us stand out and it also just looks really good haha.

  • Patreon

I also have another update I would like to share with you all and that’s Patreon donor groups on the forum! So if your a member of my Patreon on either of the tiers you will get some perks here on the forum! The first donor role gives you a badge across the site showing you are a member of the Patreon and a thank you for the support! The other group role is Super supporter and that gives you the same perks but with no ADS across the entire forum! TSU will always be free to use but I figured I would add these abilities for users who are interested in supporting the forum monetarily! If you do donate on Patreon and your benefits are not showing up make sure you connect your Patreon by going to your accounts setting page and connecting your Patreon account to your TSU account!

Also both of these donor roles immediately promote you to trust level 2!

  • Posting

I also want to update you all on the the posting review situation! So I have disabled post reviewing for every account except lower level accounts or newer accounts, if your account is at trust level 2 then your posts will be automatically pushed and you will not have to go through any review process! You can check your current level by going to your account page and expanding your page with the button on the left of your profile, the trust levels are as listed below.

  • 0 = new user
  • 1 = basic user
  • 2 = member

You level up by just being active on the forum, making useful posts, and replies!

I hope yall are enjoying the forum and I will see yall in the next update!