VM creation tips?

I’m creating a VM for the first time and i’m curious about what I should use for it.
I’m mostly curious about programs to use and what version of windows works the best with scambaiting. If anyone has any tips feel free to leave them for me to read.

Sure I will tell you what i did install Virtualbox> windowsxp >windows 7 theme> because 7 is mostly likely the best bet if you go putting 10 on have a good system with lots of cpu and ram windows 32 bit takes a lot less ram but with the theme looks a lot like 7. You can use https://ninite.com/ to throw a few apps on vm to make it look more real and also some pics and music and vids fake docs pdf and text so it looks like a real system. If using windows you may want to vpn I dual boot into tails linux disto vm from that to hide my ip and other tracking stuff but that can be work if your just using windows as main os . You can try RATing/wannacry but both are illegal unless you get there permission in writing.

You should probably check out the replies on this post here: New virtual machine

Many good ideas along with what I do when I want to fill up my VM.

Also the best version of windows would probably be windows 7 since it is very easy to hide the VM information on it.