What to configure in my vm before the installation?

I have been thinking for a long time to set up a virtual machine so I can troll those little rats in India and I will be using windscribe free vpn as my vpn and textnow to call them up.
I also have a laptop connected to the internet though a wifi hotspot on my phone that connects with the help of a wireless usb wifi adapter.

The biggest issue for me though is getting a copy of windows 10 for my vm because I am broke at the moment and I am not sure if using older windows versions is such a good idea.

I currently use vmware player free but I am not sure what vmware network settings I should use on a scambaiting vm.

Its really up to you and how secure/complex you want it.

A secure setup would be something like:

ScamBait VM -> [ Firewall (Block LAN access, allow internet via VPN) -> VPN ]-----> SCAMMERS

This could be achieved via a single linux VM + iptables + free vpn.
Here is a quick example.

Also windows 10 can be activated for free easily https://youtu.be/0SkRuRsLMxc

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Win7 as the bait machine is fine.