Number: 888-537-0902 , 1-866-636-1107

Find popups: How to get scammer popups

if ya follow the link i have in this screenshot it leads to an Amazon Linux AMI Test Page which i find a lil odd a scammer would use a Amazon Linux AMI server to use as a server to host off of them i’ll try to find more on those guys by number

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no data on the phone numbers seems like those numbers could be from a VOIP service

The first number is still working I am talking with a girl scammer and she is telling me use windows key and letter r, www.support.me, they are part of Systweak software the scammer uses BT13 would like to access to your computer. Lol this scammer is dumb. Now she is taking me www.supportpc123.com they told me to click on server 1 it brings you to connect wise then I called her out using this site and she hung up lol. Track any ip address find out where it comes from.

I also called the second number and its active. Raymond picked up the phone. windows k and letter r, Iexplore www.logmein123.com same as before now the TweakerbitTechnologies is the other name of the company now it says BS12 is trying to access my computer. I did the same thing and he hung up. I called this scammer out as well and he got wrecked.

So the number still works? I was thinking I could call this number, and call myself Joe Blind or something, and say something Like "I’m blind and I found this pope up, and then if they try screwing with my screen reading software, totally wipe out their system 32? What do you think?

Go for it :slight_smile:

Hi, I need some help. I have an active number I found on somebodies channel. How do I braucast my conversation on my youtube channel? Should I use firerotc? Does fire work well with youtube? the active scammer I have is: 833-310-0111

Well what u can do is You can use OBS to record the video or you can use Fire RTC and hit record and everyone will just hear your voice and the scammers voice. But If u get OBS its video software and it will let u broadcast your screen like a video and we can see each other everything so if u watch scammer revolts you tube page then yes u will see his VM and sometimes his host computer and go from there if u have any other questions private message scammer revolts but yeah thats it.