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Hello all, I’m new to this forum and came across one of the Scammer United videos on YouTube recently and followed the link here. I’d really like to get some of these scammers back! But I have no idea how to start, would anybody be interested in teaching the ropes via discord? If so, my username is PinkFloydMan11 #2185.

welcome to TSU! hope these help:

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Alright so far from what I’m understanding is that I could use GlobeFone to call and I’d use the Windows XP virtual machine throught the link you posted to download. But my main question is how I’ll be able to conduct it through teamspeak.

I’d reccomend a windows 7 vm better.

you wouldn’t want to use xp because some of the network built in settings and protocols are out of date and it causes problems when trying to connect to the internet on your vm. Also I’ve never used team speak so I don’t really know how it works but I’m assuming it’s like discord? or is it a voice changer?

XP actually works fairly well , I did a scambait on it about five months ago. Though if he wants a higher chance 7 and 10 are his best bets.

must’ve been fixed then, virtual box was bad about that. I tried your teamspeak application. It doesn’t look like something you could scambait from since it doesn’t allow connecting calls. Again I could be wrong, but if your looking for a voice changer there’s clownfish for windows and a common recorder is audacity for windows. I’m assuming that’s what you needed team speak for.

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