*New Scam Baiter* Help, Tips, Links, Tutorials, Etc

Hi been looking at youtube channels from some of you in this community, know a decent amount of computer tech id say more than an average person but no way an expert, want to do some useful sh** in my free time and want to get in on the kickass antics of scam baiters. tips,tools,links,tutorial videos or even taking me under ya wing for a few weeks.
would be much appreciated.

Meme away.

BTW im very interested in targeting UK Based scam companies if such exsist, but i,ll do the main country also. lolz.


Moving this to scambait question since it’s a question and not a tutorial.

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Welcome to TSU! Here’s a few links to get you started, pm me if you need extra tech help. Cheers.

~ How to get scammer popups
~ How to make a VMware Virtual Machine match host system info
~ Anti-scammer toolkit
~ Whats the best way to create multiple burner numbers
~ Great Alternative to FireRTC or Google Voice - #12 by ICTTech_Youtube

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absolute legend my friend. literally just had a scam ben chode on the work blower not 20 minutes ago, audio recorded the whole conversation. i live at 69 benc chod street and im a mr ben dover 69 years old. :slight_smile: wasted about an hour of her time. :slight_smile:

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